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Happy New Year !

Introducing Sebastian's most recent self portrait. This acrylic painting on board was completed in 2005.

Dear Friends:
Thank you to all who visited the Krüger Blog in 2006. Thank you also to the lovely people who visited our live shows in the US, England and Germany. Warm greetings and thank you as well, to the artists who attended our 2006 workshop.

For 2007, we are already planning shows outside of Germany, and working hard on the 'All New' Krüger web gallery; So stay tuned to the Blog.

We wish you all the Best, and a very Happy New Year!
Sebastian and the entire Krüger Team (Hanover/London/Los Angeles)

Merry Christmas...

Cheers !

Happy Birthday Keith!


Clint Eastwood: 'The Good'

Acrylic on canvas by Sebastian Krüger; December 2006.
2 meters x 1.2 meters (79 x 47 inches)

Clint Eastwood painting

A big new Kruger painting is ready; 'Clint Eastwood'! The painting is acrylic on canvas and measures about 2 meters x 1.2 meters (or about 79 x 47 inches). Two months ago Sebastian received a blank canvas stretched on a wooden frame. Today he has handed back a full size painting of 'Clint Eastwood'. The painting now goes off to the scan shop. Stay tuned as the image will be posted on the Blog in the coming days.

The image shown here, are plates that were used as palettes during the creation of the 'Clint Eastwood' painting.

Keith Richards: Pencil on paper

During his most recent US tour, Sebastian has created a new
pencil drawing of Keith Richards. It was exhibited to the public,
along with other new originals, during the Kruger show in
Santa Monica at Gallery 319.

Book launch

11 New Kruger Illustrations
Felix Dennis has launched his third book of poetry, When Jack Sued Jill: Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times. The book is illustrated by Sebastian Kruger and Bill Sanderson. The illustrations conjure into vivid life, the characters and situations depicted in the 67 nursery rhymes. Eleven full page Krüger illustrations are featured in the book. For order and more information please visit