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Krüger Masterclass 2024

Review: Masterclass 2023 2024 Krüger Masterclass registration is now open! Come join us for the 2024 Krüger Masterclass in Germany! The main focus will be painting a portrait with acrylics! Paint along side Sebastian as he creates one of his world famous krugerized masterpieces! From blank canvas all the way through to the final details. The 2024 workshop will take place over 7 days from September 28th until October 5th at the Sporthotel Fuchsbachtal in Barsinghausen, Germany (close to Hanover). The workshop is limited to 35 participants and deadline for registration is May 31, 2024. For more information regarding the workshop please contact Bernd at . To find out more about the hotel and location please visit: "I look forward to seeing you all at the 2024 workshop!" - Sebastian Krüger

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