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Brand new print edition

  We love you! The new print edition "We love you!" will available in 2 different sizes each on museum cardboard and PES canvas.

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New print editions

Now on Vimeo!

Spring offer!

"Sixty" by Krüger


"Samuel L Jackson" in Pulp Fiction

Daniel Day-Lewis

Steve McQueen



Neil (forever) Young

Brand new print editions

The Final Episode

Episode 11 is now on air!

Episode 10 is online!

Episode 9 online on Vimeo on Demand

Now available! Day 2 (hour 3 & 4)

Episode 7 is online!


End of day one video (Episode 6)

1st of April offer!

Episode 4 is online!

Coming soon: "Save your Idols!"

Masterclass 2019 on Vimeo

Krüger ArtBox "2019 Collection"

Krüger Workshop 2019

Happy Holidays!

Happy 75th Birthday!

Win a signed print...

Radio Regenbogen2 Interview

Now on Vimeo - Master Class 2018 Time-Lapse

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Masterclass 2018: Day 5

Masterclass 2018: Day 4

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Masterclass 2018 - Day 1

"Sokol" Honorary Price

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"Jane's Man"