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Merry Christmas!


Krüger in London (Gallery 27): REVIEW

You can see the Review of the London show in:

Calendar 2008 - Collector's edition

The 2008 Deluxe Collector's Edition of 99 have just arrived. This collector's edition will be numbered and signed by Sebastian, have a special binding, and come delivered in a wooden box. Each edition contains 12 art prints + cover. Size: 80 x 60 cm (31 x 24 inches).

To preview this Calendar please visit KRÜGER PUBLICATIONS

The Boss

A new Bruce Springsteen painting by Sebastian. Acrylic on board. Size: 36.5 x 51 cm (14 x 20 inches). Completed November 2007.

New Pop Realism in London: 11 - 22 Dec. 2007

Jonathan Poole invites you to an exhibition by Sebastian Krüger to be held at Gallery 27, Cork St., London, W1.

More information at: KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS

Greetings from everyone at the 3rd Krüger Workshop

Gerald, Patrick, Salem, Siv Grethe, Bernd, Vilma, Nelson, Maester, Anthea, Peer, Bruce, Bob, Allan, Jeremy, Jeff, Niall, Jens-Uwe, Magnus, Sebastian, Lisa

More information about the workshop at: KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS

Krüger Workshop III St. Goar

At this year's Professional Artists' Workshop, artists from 10 different countries came to St. Goar in the Rheinland/Germany.

A unique smiling Ludwig van Beethoven done on two canvases emerged from Krüger's 4 hour live painting demonstration.

New Krüger Book

A new Krüger book titled "Faces" will be launched in spring 2008. The book features more than 80 original Krüger images being published in book form for the first time. Genres will include Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classics, Movies and more! Stay tuned for further information. Cover layout subject to change.

Krüger Calendar 2008

In late November we will be launching our 2008 Krüger calendar. There will be two editions available. A deluxe collector's edition limited to 99 worldwide! This collector's edition will be signed by Sebastian, have a special binding, and come delivered in a wooden box. The second offering is an art calendar limited to 400 worldwide! Both calendars will feature the same images.

To preview this Calendar please visit KRÜGER PUBLICATIONS

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash with Visionary Third Eye.
Acrylic on canvas. Size: 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 inches). Completed October 2007.

Michael Philip and Wasp

This new Krüger masterpiece shows Mick Jagger with hat and wasp. It's a large size acrylic painting on canvas. 160 x 120 cm (63 x 47 inches).

Dine with Krüger's Stars

Our good friend Andy (from Switzerland) has opened L'UNIQUE. A Restaurant-Bar located in the historic city center of Basel. On two levels you can see plenty of guitars, photos, clothing from Rock Stars and many more collectibles. In the dining area he presents 8 Krüger paintings. Find more information at
We wish Andy and his loved crew all the best! See you soon in Basel.

Play with The Tongue

Finally, here is Krüger's art guitar #3.
All three guitars presented on the Blog are hand painted and covered with a high gloss surface finish.

The Winston Effect

A deluxe retrospective featuring hundreds of photographs and artworks never seen before from the Stan Winston Studio. Stan Winston and his crew have been creating unforgettable creatures for movies, including 'The Terminator', 'Aliens' and 'Jurassic Park'. This book also includes a full page portrait of Stan Winston by Sebastian Kruger (from Stan Winston's own private collection).

Happy 60th Birthday Ronnie!


The Rolling Stones as Kids

Who was the pirate? Acrylic painting on board. Size; 118 X 68 cm. (46X27 inches).

Charlie, Mick, Keith and Ronnie

A New Rolling Stones group painting is ready. Above you can see a quick sketch of 'the boys'. The original painting is in the scan shop so stay tuned.



Happy 60th Birthday Iggy!


Krüger Pin-Up Guitar

Warning: Don't play with fire! It's hot...but it's acrylic too!

Sebastian Krüger painted this "Pin-Up" guitar in January 2007. It's guitar No. 2 of 3 total Krüger art guitars. All guitars were displayed in a special Krüger window at Harrods London last month.

Krüger Workshop 2007 in Germany

Dear Artists, Colleagues and Friends:
Since we've been getting so many requests for an art workshop, I've asked the Krüger team in Germany (Andrea and Bernd) to start organizing a 2007 workshop. This year the artists' workshop will begin on October 29th and run through November 2nd, 2007. The event will take place at the Schloss Rheinfels Hotel in St. Goar, Germany. The main focus of the workshop will be preparation for portrait painting and working with acrylics.

Bernd is now collecting registration information from all participants. The deadline to register for the 2007 workshop is May 31st 2007. Bernd will also be available to answer any questions via email directed to: The workshop event is capped at a maximum of 20 participants.

If you'd like to find out more about the hotel and location please visit:

I look forward to meeting you all at the 2007 workshop.

Sebastian Krüger

Krüger Rocks at Harrods

From the 1st of February until the 3rd of March, an exhibition of rock guitars is taking place at Harrods London. All the major guitar manufacturers will be present touting their wares. Many different events will be taking place under one roof as "Harrods Rocks". Sebastian Krüger has a special display in Harrods' window featuring several prints and 3 "Krüger Guitars" specifically designed for the event. For more information, please visit: . Soon we will be presenting all three Krüger guitars on our Blog, so stay tuned! Photos by Scott Hortop/London.

Big head slim body!

It's not on's not on's acrylic on a guitar!

The Human Riff

Introducing, a brand new acrylic painting on board of Keith Richards.
Completed December 2006.
Size: 73 x 51 cm ( 29 x 20 inches).