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Krüger Workshop 2006, Richard Wagner

A group of 18 diverse artists joined the 2nd Krüger Professional Artists' Workshop held in one of Germany's most beautiful tourism areas, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In a 3 hour live presentation Krüger painted an image of the famous German composer, Richard Wagner. For more photos and information please visit KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS

Greetings from everyone at the 2nd Krüger Workshop

Gerald, Ben, Stefan, Jens-Uwe, Jeff, Michael, Glenn, Jeremy, Wolfgang, Stefan, Jürgen, Patrick, Bernd, Henning, Rohan, Sebastian, Andrea, Derek, Siv Grethe (from left to right) Photo: Bernd

Exhibition Reviews

You can see Reviews of the New York and Boston shows in: KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS

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Krüger Workshop 2006, 16 - 21 October

This year's Krüger artist workshop will take place at the Mercure Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Germany. An update on this workshop (including photos) will follow soon on this Blog. More information at: KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS