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Krüger Workshop IV Barsinghausen

20 Artists from 7 countries came to Barsinghausen/Germany to join Krüger's 2008 Professional Artists' Workshop. Krüger presented his latest artworks followed by a technical seminar. Then Sebastian gave a live painting demonstration during the following 3 days. Krüger titled his demo painting "Ready for the Rock 'n Roll hall of foam!". Throughout the workshop all participants practiced painting with acrylics. In 2009 Krüger is offering Workshops in both the USA and Germany.

Greetings from everyone at the 4th Krüger Workshop

Ismael, Yonie, Ique, Bob, Gerald, Joe, Siv Grethe, Dieter, Jeremy, Jens-Uwe, Patrick, Wolfgang, Stefan, Augie, Jeff, Andreas, Sebastian, Bruce, Terry, Bob and Kenneth (...on the way to the airport)