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"Charles & Company"

Here's one for the record books! The Rolling Stones, featured in Sebastian's largest painting to date. This Fine Art Painting is pure Krüger, and a tribute, by the artist, to the band themselves and their fans. The lines in their faces tell the story of 45 years of Rock 'n' Roll by the greatest rock band the world has ever known. Proudly displaying their life lines like a badge of honor, a triumph to their supreme accomplishments. Revealing an intimate narrative of the legendary rock group, without superfluous makeup, botox or photo manipulation. A summary of impressions and idiosyncrasies meticulously collected and mapped by the artist over his many years of personal contact with the band.

Under the Scanner...

Charles and Company. Acrylic painting on Canvas 270 X 200 cm (106 X 79 inches)

Charles & Company - color sketch

During the past 4 months Sebastian has created a new masterpiece of art on canvas. It's a painting of the Rolling Stones titled 'Charles & Company'. Next week the original painting will be scanned using one of Germany's biggest scanners. The size of the artwork is 270 x 200 cm (106 x 79 inches). Above you can see Sebastian's color preparatory sketch (29,7 x 21 cm).


A drawing of 'Chuck Berry'. Pencil on paper, 42 x 59,4 cm (16 x 23 inches).