Sebastian Krüger’s latest book entitled FACE2FACE will be released March 2015!
Containing over 140 full colour, high quality images of Krüger's iconic paintings. 128 Pages and 2 large fold-outs make this latest book a must have for all fans of celebrity artwork.

The first 250 copies of the worldwide edition are signed by the artist.

Reserve your signed copy now.
Price: US $100 incl. shipping (international)
Price: 65 Euro incl. shipping (Germany)
Price: 75 Euro incl. shipping (Europe)

Please send an email with your address and phone number to Bernd:

»Mind-blowing! There’s nothing I love more than turning people on to Krüger’s work. He never ceases to amaze. I’ve been collecting his books, prints, and paintings since 1997, and I just can’t get enough. Sebastian is explosively original and an extreme talent. His ever shifting, ever evolving style is evident yet again in this book. He’s also become increasingly difficult to describe. A brilliant portrait artist? A caricaturist that hits his mark with pointed accuracy? An inspiration? Sebastian is all that and more. Seeing him in action at his workshop in Germany was the most creatively transformative experience in my life, and proved he’s a fantastic teacher on top of it all. Keep ’em coming Kruger!«

Robert Rodriguez
Film director, screenwriter,
producer & musician